Process and Chemical Engineering Expert


Our expert has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering; 40-year career in senior technical and Senior VP Management roles: Process R/D, Product Management, Manufacturing. Background in such industries as: specialty and commodity chemicals, advanced carbon fiber composites, biotechnology, membrane filtration, carbon-based purification, ion exchange, formulated products. Seven US Patents.


Subject Matter Expertise:

  • Scale-up and Commercialization
  • Process Safety and Regulatory
  • Mergers and Acquisitions


Industry Expertise:

  • Chemical/Materials Process Industries
  • BioTechnology and Advanced Composites
  • Separation & purification; Membrane filtration



  • Propelled revenue from $0 to $13 M at Pall-Gelman Sciences, a filtration membrane business which had stagnated over the preceding years. Restructured and expanded R&D Department spurring innovation and development of new Polyethersulfone and PTFE membranes for venting, pregnancy, and glucose testing.
  • Facilitated start-up of Amoco Performance Products – Advanced Composites Group from $0 to $22 M in revenues at 35% margins. Identified technology/equipment needs; built 15 person R&D team with a complete, standalone manufacturing operation; and organized an Operations Team from the ground up, with full control of most ground-level commercial functions.
  • With internal safety and OSHA/EPA regulations at the forefront, led the development of environmentally conscious Green purification/cleaning products — many receiving Green Seal and EcoLogo certifications. Concurrently, revamped Rochester Midland Corporation’s safety program to reduce DART rates, and sponsored transformation of RMC Quality Control to Quality Assurance, employing SPC to understand deviations.
  • U.S. Patents: Patent Pending: Non-Caustic Cleaning Formulation for Heavy Food Soils; 7,507,697 Method for the oxidative cleaning of food processing equipment; 7,189,322 Charged membrane; 7,022,274 Gas sintered carbon block and method; 6,849,185 Charged membrane; 6,083,393 Hydrophilic membrane; 6,039,872 Hydrophilic membrane


Why This Expert?

  • Broad background and experience in a number of process-related technologies.
  • Expertise in process scale-up and commercialization – start-ups and established companies
  • Experience in merger and acquisition activities, mentoring of organizations for growth


Management Positions:

  • Senior VP – R/D, Regulatory, QA at a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals for food sanitation, industrial cleaning and water treatment.
  • Vice President: Technology at a company offering liquid process filters, air and gas filters, crossflow membrane filters, ion exchange products, condensate polishing filters and adsorbents for a variety of industries.
  • Senior Director – Membrane Development at a manufacturer of proprietary filtration, separation, and purification products and solutions.
  • Manufacturing Manager: Amoco BioProducts, Inc.


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