Plastics Manufacturing Technology Expert


Outstanding abilities in plastics and elastomer technology and Industry processes, as well as a solid record of accomplishments in strategic planning, R&D management, product development, commercialization, and business planning, Recipient of numerous national awards for multiple leadership contributions in the plastics industry.

Subject Matter Expertise:

  • Plastics Technology
  • Plastics Molding, Forming, and Extrusion
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Device Manufacturing


Industry Expertise:

  • Plastics Manufacturing Technology
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Polymers and Plastics



  • Lead the Plastics Innovation & Resource Center to become the top plastics technology center in North America
  • Recognized by Pennsylvania Business Central as one of the “Top 100 People in Central Pennsylvania”
  • Spearheaded construction of Penn College’s landmark Thermoforming Center of Excellence as the only one of its kind in North America
  • National award recipient for the development of a revolutionary new thermoplastic elastomer


Why This Expert?

  • Expert in Plastics Manufacturing Operations & Materials
  • Experienced in Strategic Planning & Business Development
  • Product Development & Commercialization Expert
  • Co-author in “Use of Plastics for Parenteral Packaging,” Marcell Dekker, 1992


Management Positions:

  • Director of a Plastics Innovation & Resource Center
  • Director of Product and Materials Development
  • Business Development Manager for a healthcare marketing group
  • Division Director, Research & Development for a healthcare marketing group


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