Contract Expert


This Subject Matter Expert has spent 35 years as a professional Contract Administrator/Manager and General Manager in aerospace, energy, and commercial product design/manufacturing companies and 25+ years as consultant to companies in R&D, aerospace, energy, commercial product development, usually in a problem-solving or new product mode. They also spent time as a due diligence consultant for Ben Franklin Technology Partners (BFTP) in PA and for M&A brokers, working with family-owned businesses in re-structuring a company, setting it up for next generation, or transferring to a 3rd Party.

Subject Matter Expertise:

  • Drafting, Evaluating, Negotiating, and Administering Sales and Purchase Terms & Conditions for Federal contracting and/or for Large Commercial Corporations
  • Evaluating HR Circumstances & Drafting Letters of Offer, Promotion, Termination
  • Drafting R&D, Project, and Commercial Proposals & Milestone Performance Budgets
  • Drafting Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete/Non-Solicitation and Other Confidentiality Agreements as well as general contracts and subcontracts
  • Drafting & negotiating “change of control” agreements for family-owned businesses
  • Drafting & negotiating technology licenses “in” or “out” for US companies


Industry Expertise:

  • Aerospace & Marine equipment manufacturing
  • Energy – coal, gas, oil, electric, solar, wind, hazardous waste
  • Forest Products & Agri-Business equipment
  • Small, Privately-Held Business creation & succession consulting



  • Negotiated large R&D contracts w/ Federal Government resulting in new product lines being commercialized by companies in forest products and energy markets
  • Involved in turn-around of two major manufacturing companies
  • Set up R&D consortium in which the R&D company acquired all of the rights to testing and evaluation protocols, and to the continuing development of the testing machines. Partners included: Federal Agencies through SBIR programs, all three major aerospace jet engine manufacturers, three international bearing manufacturers, and three heavy equipment manufacturers (commercial & military)
  • Negotiated agri-business Technology Licenses for US company in 11 foreign countries


Why This Expert?

  • High level of patience and calm demeanor in stressful situations and negotiations
  • Extraordinary ability in explaining difficult subjects and drafting documents to reflect difficult truths
  • Over 40 years experience in contract and IP law on the “outgoing” and “incoming” side of business licenses, subcontracts, strategic marketing agreements, and purchase orders


Management Positions:

  • Manager of Contracts at major aerospace design/manufacturing company
  • Vice President, Sales & Contract Administration at major aerospace CNC job shop, ultimately acquired by major prime contractor
  • Sr. Vice President Domestic & Foreign Operations for US Boiler & HVAC Company
  • Contract Executive Vice President of major shelving manufacturer during turn-around and acquisition.
  • Consultant to leading Tribology R&D company, leading Medical Diagnostic Equipment company, Sports Anti-Concussion Equipment company, leading Solid Materials Analysis & Handling company, major CNC welding, machining, & fabrication job shop, major second-tier


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