Mission: Significantly reduce or eliminate the spread of Healthcare-associated infections by employing self-disinfecting antimicrobial products in healthcare facilities.

Background: Over the past several years medical microbiologist, physicians, and epidemiologists have been tracking an alarming trend in the resistance of microorganisms to anti-microbial medications. Infectious disease related deaths resulting from healthcare-associated infections (HAI’s) in the US as well as throughout Europe and Asia have substantially increased over the last decade. Antibiotic resistant pathogens continue to be a significant factor battling healthcare facility infections and disease. Hundreds of millions of patients are affected by health care-associated infections worldwide.

Technology: PuriTek’s patented technology is based on incorporating an active biocidal agent into nylon polymers to form a broad-spectrum microbicide effective against almost all health-related microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The disinfecting action of the nylon complex kills all microbes rapidly such that no resistance can develop. The antibacterial effectiveness of the nylon complex has been confirmed by a series of independent studies at Benchmark Analytics and Lehigh University.

This biocidal nylon can be used safely in a hospital or other sanitary environment applications where disease and infection prevention is a primary concern. Examples include the ability to sanitize surfaces in surgical environments permanently, to sanitize air conditioning systems, to produce self-disinfecting protective clothing for healthcare personnel and physicians, and to improve wound care treatment.

Healthcare Environments: Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs), infections acquired while receiving treatment for another condition in a healthcare facility, are a significant concern both to physicians and patients. HAIs are responsible for over 700,000 infections/year resulting in 100,000 deaths during hospitalizations according to the Center for Disease Control. Annual US costs resulting from healthcare infections is $6.5 billion.

Path Forward: PuriTek biocidal nylon can be fabricated into fabrics, molded products, filaments, films, and powders/pellets. Products from these basic forms include hospital privacy curtains, antiseptic dressings, socks, surgeon’s gowns and gloves, surgical instruments, antiseptic wipes, surface coverings, and water purification filtration.

Partners: PuriTek has partnered with AmpTech LLC, a multidisciplinary commercialization center in Malvern, PA to provide a full complement of business and technical services and engineering expertise to optimize new product development along the road to commercialization.



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