Portable Emergency Ventilator (PEV)


This contamination-free resuscitator offers easier portability while eliminating mouth-to-mouth procedure in emergency situations.

Technology Readiness Level: Prototype


  • Medical purposes: for use by physicians in doctor’s offices & dental clinics
  • First-responder emergencies: ambulances, fire trucks, & rescue vehicles
  • Public emergencies: emergency medical stations for public use such as swimming pools, manufacturing plants, retirement communities, etc.
  • Home applications: cancer and respiratory issue patients; standard breathing/vital monitoring and assistance


  • Production cost significantly lower than current market price
  • Eliminates need of mouth-to-mouth breathing providing a cleaner, safer route to safety
  • Allows portability via lower weight creating new mobility & storage applications
  • Option to use environmental air and/or oxygen tank
  • Provides home users with assistance for breathing and sleep apnea.