Would You Invest in These Startups? Another Successful Open Coaching Session with Steve Bowman.

Open Coaching with Steve Bowman

Open Coaching with Steve Bowman – April 4th

Here at AmpTech on April 4th, we got to witness some top-notch entrepreneurs at their best with The Pitch Doctor! 3 featured companies were chosen to present their investor pitch and gain some invaluable feedback from Steve Bowman, the resident “Doctor” and President of BizClarity. Steve specializes in coaching entrepreneurs, and has over 17 years of experience doing it. He looks for a company’s core story and the correct sequence of content in a pitch that delivers optimal results.

Who are they?

The 3 companies that we had the pleasure of hearing about on Tuesday were Hacker Prep, iThrive, and DietaryDNA.

Hacker Prep was the first company pitched at this event and led by Dr. Ronah Harris, an Emmy award winning educator and researcher with some serious street cred. Hacker Prep’s goal is to provide young students with the tools they need for successful careers in the 21st century. The company focuses on college-readiness in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and design. They deliver training through events, services and student-friendly products. For more information on Hack Prep’s company and products, visit: www.http://hackerprep.com/.

The next company up, iThrive, is the third company started by Aerielle Belk, and middle school teacher and serial entrepreneur. iThrive is a reward system for middle and high school students designed to increase leadership initiative, classroom engagement, and provide behavioral control. iThrive bridges the gap for schools and businesses by rewarding students points to spend at their favorite local businesses when they demonstrate model behavior in the classroom. Aerielle’s proven research has shown improved results not only for the teachers and students, but also repeat purchases made at the businesses. To learn more about her unique program, visit: www.ithriverewards.com/.

The final startup of the day was presented by Mark Surkin. Mark is the Founder and CEO of DietaryDNA, an innovative software platform that helps restaurants and their patrons better navigate the daunting territory of dietary restrictions. When going out to eat at a restaurant, a user can simply browse the menu after filtering out their dietary needs: nut allergy, diabetes, paleo diet, or a general loathe of mayo, just to name a few. As someone who is living with some of those restrictions, Mark knows first-hand just how frustrating it can be for both sides, and he is out to start changing the way we eat with confidence. Want to keep up with the team at DietaryDNA? Check out their website here: http://www.dietarydna.com/.

All three of these startups presented to The Pitch Doctor, and got great feedback from him and the rest of the audience. Steve really focused on drilling down to the important questions:

  • What’s the game?
  • Where’s your edge?
  • Are you the game changer?
  • Do the numbers work?
  • How can investors help you?

Want to stay posted on upcoming Open Coaching sessions with Steve at AmpTech? Follow our events page here. Special thanks to DLA Piper for sponsoring this event!