Investors: De-risk Investments and Improve Returns


AmpTech Stagegate process - less risk for Investors

“The survival rate of incubated firms is three times higher than non-incubated firms.”
–David A. Lewis, Rutgers University


Why AmpTech:

    1. As a center for innovation and creation, we host cutting-edge technologies that are ready and qualified for your investment.


    1. The process of electing potential investments is no longer a daunting territory filled with risk. We remove the gray area of investment by thoroughly screening and vetting the companies that impress you.


  1. Have you already made an investment, and want to see it succeed? We offer a range of shared work space, business incubation, and product development services that are designed to aid companies in acceleration. By bringing your investments into our innovation ecosystem, you secure the prosperity and progress of those companies with the help of our stagegate process.


By utilizing our Stagegate Process, Product Development, and Incubation Services, we increase the probability of success for entrepreneurs and startups. As a Greater Philadelphia incubator, our goal is to maintain a collaborative environment where startups, service providers, academia, local business, and investors, like yourself, join together to get products and services to market FASTER with reduced RISK and improved RETURNS.

It’s simple to engage with our Commercialization Ecosystem.

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