Is your Investor Pitch ready?

Pitch doctor session

On January 31st, we got answers to this exact question! 3 featured companies were chosen to pitch to and be reviewed by the “Pitch Doctor”. Steve Bowman the “Pitch Doctor” and President of BizClarity specializes in coaching entrepreneurs to pitch to investors. Steve has over 17 years of experience coaching hundreds of companies. Steve helps companies identify their core story and the correct sequence of content for optimal results.

The 3 featured companies are all very different and at different stages in the investment cycle. Each company has a unique business model and technology.
pitch doctor session featuring company eargear
MTTI, lead by Chris Pak the CEO, is a unique medical technology company that has already successfully developed products. MTTI is seeking funding for a new technology that detects breast cancer quicker and more accurately than any existing technology. TumorVue is an easy to use and accurate kit. For more information about MTTI:

EarGear, run by President Kim Coffey, is a technology development company specializing in ear deformities. EarGear is a unique external pediatric medical device that corrects or improves ear deformities in infants at a young age. This technology prevents the need for older age ear molding and expensive surgeries. EarGear is nearing a market launch and looking for funding to have a successful launch.
steve bowman
All of these companies presented to the “Pitch Doctor” and got great feedback on positives and negatives. And the others in the audience got to hear all the thoughts and comments and learn from others. Special thanks to DLA Piper for sponsoring this event! AmpTech is excited to announce that Steve will be at AmpTech on February 21st to coach 3 more companies. If you are interested in attending or being added to our open coaching wait list, please click here: