Current Technology


See what’s developing at our Greater Philadelphia incubator:

Plasma Growth Accelerator (PGA)
Natural Plant Growth Accelerator This all-natural substance is a plasma-treated water that will supplement plant growth. PlasGro has proven that
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Portable Emergency Ventilator (PEV)
This contamination-free resuscitator offers easier portability while eliminating mouth-to-mouth procedure in emergency situations. Technology Readiness Level: Prototype   Applications: Medical
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Compact Bidirectional Acoustic Airflow Meter (CBAAM)
C.B.A.A.M. is a device that measures the gas velocity and speed of sound across the air stream. Technology Readiness Level:
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Gaseous Flow Controller
A natural gas fuel controller that uses an air-fuel mixture conducted to each cylinder when intake valves are open. Technology
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Bio Adhesive Gel
Boiling Point is the licensing agent for Purdue University-developed technologies. BP LLC has access to a bio-adhesive that cures in
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Crystal Clear Technologies, Inc. (CCT)
CCT has developed an absorbent that removes selenium from coal-fired power plant scrubber water. The cleaned water can then be
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Plasma Water Treatment Device
Plasma Water Treatment Device This Non-Thermal Plasma (NTP) technology device dissolves nitrogen and oxygen active species in water. This device
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Black Spider Goalkeeper Glove
Goalkeeper gloves with interconnected, web-like finger design. Technology Readiness Level: Alpha Version   Applications: Sports Industry games, such as soccer.
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Diesel Particulate Removal System (DPRS)
Diesel Particulate Removal System (DPRS) This is an energy efficient, pollution reducing, and environmentally friendly solution that can be fitted
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