About AmpTech

AmpTech building
As part of the Greater Philadelphia Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem, AmpTech is a Greater Philadelphia incubator with a collaborative environment where start-ups, service providers, investors, academia and local businesses can join together to get products and services to market FASTER. AmpTech bridges the gap for start-ups and corporate innovators by providing a place to develop products quickly and under one roof. AmpTech provides rapid prototyping capabilities establishing an opportunity to pilot various technologies before market launch.
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Advanced Plasma Solutions

We are a sister company of Advanced Plasma Solutions (APS). APS specializes in utilizing Non Thermal Plasma (NTP) while creating responsible and sustainable products and solutions. APS works closely with customers to develop these solutions specific to customers’ needs and desires. Offering various plasma related services, APS’s goal is to bridge the gap from research and ideas to developed market realities. APS has established partnerships and collaborations with businesses and entrepreneurs in the fields of academia, energy, agriculture, environmental control, and medicine. APS is confident in being a conduit for applied research and a partner for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to take a product from idea to commercialization.

AmpTech and APS together offer a complete solution that bridges the gap for entrepreneurs, start-ups, investors, academia and businesses at any level in the commercialization process. We have all the tools necessary to bring products to market and take the risk out of commercialization.