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We are a Commercialization & Incubation Center for Startups and Entrepreneurs in Greater Philadelphia.
As part of the Greater Philadelphia Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem, we are a collaborative environment where start-ups, service providers, investors, and universities join together to get products to market FASTER. We bridge the gap for start-ups and corporate innovators by offering a place to develop products quickly, under one roof.


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AmpTech was “able to bring professional and relevant human resources to bear on them [our technologies] and gave invaluable feedback on possible applications, market size and target customers. In some instances, we came to the conclusion that certain technologies were not worthwhile to pursue further, which was very valuable for us to know and saved us time and money down the line. In another case, the due diligence generated an effort to proceed with further development…

I would heartily recommend this framework for examining and filtering university technologies, as I have found the institution and its personnel to be of a high caliber.”
– Larry Loev, CEO
Ariel University R&D

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